Know Zytiga (Abiraterone Acetate) 250 mg Cost in India

Abiraterone is an antineoplastics drug widely used to treat prostate cancer in men and avoid its spread to other parts of the body. The film-coated tablet is easier to swallow. When comes to the cost of the medicine, you must spend around $1.5 per pill for generic from India. However, the bottles you buy depend on the dosage you have to take. The prescribed dosage will be maximum 1gm per day.  We need to know some fact when we talk about Abiraterone cost in India. The tablets are also available in 500mg, costing around £2300 for brand. It contains 60 tablets in the bottle.

Abiraterone cost in India – With Insurance

The cost of Abiraterone zytiga 250 mg price depends on the pharmacy store from where you buy the product. The medicine is not available with valid insurance plans, unfortunately. Though you can get this at a discounted price yet there are a few pharmacy stores who accept the insurance. Abiraterone cost in India will also depend on the treatment plan and coverage of the Insurance and pharmacy where you are buying the medicine.

There are a few insurance providers who will cover the cost of this zytiga 250 mg tablet price in india medicine. You can get authorization from the insurance provider. The insurer and doctor will discuss the treatment. The insurance company will determine whether or not this drug would be covered based on the treatment. It would help if you had prior authorization to cover this medicine under your insurance. If you start the treatment using this medicine for prostate cancer without prior authorization, you will have to pay the total cost.

With Insurance, the cost of (Abiraterone Acetate) zytiga 250 mg  price in india   is going to be less expensive. However, this depends on the insurance benefits you reap. Coupons are available, which can help you get the medicine at the best price compared to Insurance. You can contact the pharmacist to learn about the cost of the medicine with and without Insurance.


The cost of this medication will depend on the healthcare plan you have availed. After talking to the healthcare provider, you can talk to your copay insurance provider about the amount you would get when you submit the bills after buying this medicine. If the insurance provider approves, you can save big on this medicine. Without Insurance, you have to pay the amount as decided by the manufacturer of this medicine.

Cost of Abiraterone is pocket friendly in India

The cost of Abiraterone is pocket friendly in India. The packaging size of this medicine would have 120 tablets, and its strength will be around 250mg. It is used to treat prostate cancer and can be used in conjunction with other medicine based on the chemotherapy regime you are following. The dosage will be given after assessing your current medical condition. You must strictly follow the dosage information suggested by doctors. There are big difference between India & Abirateronce cost in India.

The cost of Abiraterone also depends on the tablet’s strength. For the 500mg tablet, you would need to pay a high cost. The price also depends on your insurance and the pharmacy from where you buy the medicine. The quantity of tablets depends on the dosage prescribed by the medical practitioner. Thus, this makes the price of 250mg and 500mg of tablets the same.

There are also ways for you to reduce the long-term cost of drugs.

  • Check for a 90-day supply of the medicine

You will get a 90-day supply of medicine in case the insurance provider approves. It will cut down the time you spend visiting the pharmacy stores and the cost of the drug. You can only get a 90-day supply of this medication if the doctor and insurance provider approve it.

  • Use mail order pharmacy to get the drugs.

We offer mail orders through which you can reduce the medical bills on this drug. The best thing is getting the medication right at your doorstep without visiting the pharmacy store. Few of the medical plans will also cover the drug cost through mail-order. You can quickly get a 90-day supply of the drug through the mail. If you do not have health insurance, you can take suggestions from the pharmacist and doctor to buy the medication.

Generic Abiraterone cost $1.5 per pill in India

Abiraterone is a generic medicine that is a carbon copy of the active drug. Indeed, generic medicine is considered to be highly safe and effective to be used, similar to the original drug. The best thing is that people who could not afford to buy the actual brand producing this medicine can go for the generic one at a lower cost. It reaps the same benefits as the original drug since it uses the same ingredients used in the original ones. If we talk about generic Abiraterone cost in India then you will see big price difference.

The generic abiraterone cost of 250mg is 95% lower than the original. We will give you the best possible rate for Abiraterone.

Where to Buy Abiraterone online?

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